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Unique, Efficient and Affordable

In accordance with our Mission Statement and Our Principles, our goal is to provide you with RPO services and solutions that maximize efficiency and reduce overall cost within the Recruiting department. Our services are tailored to meet your evolving Recruiting needs and are used by our clients to augment and complement their onshore recruiting efforts. We’re large enough to provide you with the results you expect from a global giant, but small enough to provide you with the quality service and personal attention you need.

Our approach and business model are vastly different from other RPO providers – and our competitive prices are the best in the business. According to most definitions, a true or total RPO solution involves the outsourcing of the entire recruiting function or process to an external vendor. Although proven to cut costs, this strategic implementation is often risky and may lead to reduced control and flexibility and increased inefficiency within the recruiting function.

An alternative solution that eliminates these problems is to utilize our unique RPO services. Proven to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and maintain flexibility and control within the recruiting function, we provide professionally managed offshore recruiters for IT staffing firms and companies with large internal recruiting operations. Our offshore recruiters are fully dedicated and under your direction and communication, would work exclusively for your company – integrating seamlessly with your company and performing the same duties as an onshore recruiter, but at a significantly lower cost.

The decision to use our RPO services is simple – it’s easy, affordable, and efficient! Whether you’re a large organization looking for a number of Recruiters to work within your HR department or a small consulting company looking for a handful of Recruiters to work on your requirements, we have solutions to help.

Contact us today and take the first step towards minimizing recruiting costs and increasing efficiency!
You can also reach us in USA (California) at 714-572-1544.