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Although we specialize in Recruitment Process Outsourcing, our expertise in multiples fields allow us to offer a number of Other Services that meet the needs of our much-valued clients. These services are not limited to Data Conversion, Data Entry, Software Development, and Internet Research so feel free to contact us at any time so that we can discuss a solution that meets your needs.

Data Conversion – Organizations are continually upgrading to newer systems and technologies and data conversion, the transfer of data from one format to another, is in high demand. Our extensive network of contacts allows us to supply you with data conversion specialists who deliver results at the most affordable prices. Some of the Data Conversion services offered by BeyondTechIT include Document Conversion, File Format Conversion, Book Conversation, XML Conversion, OCR, DTP, Internet Publishing, and CAD Conversion.

Data Entry – For years, companies have utilized the outsourcing concept for their data entry functions. Our data entry specialists are extremely affordable and deliver results in a timely manner. Some of the Data Entry services we offer include Insurance Claims Entry, Mailing Lists, Audio Transcriptions, and Legal Documents.

Software Development – Outsourcing software development is not a new phenomenon – small and large organizations have been doing it for years! Some of the Software Development services we offer include ASP Programming, JSEE Programming, Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Software Testing, and Graphic Design.

Research – Our Researchers are experienced and qualified college graduates who are Internet savvy and have excellent computer skills. Some of the Research services we offer include Web Research, Market Research, Contacts Database, and Competitor Analysis.