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IT Staffing Services

With an economy poised to add hundreds of thousands of jobs in the IT arena this year, finding the right person that fits the job description word for word has become increasingly challenging for companies all across India. An ever increasing labor shortage combined with a lack of technical graduates coming out of school each year has made it a struggle for companies of all sizes to identify and recruit candidates to contribute value-added services to their company. This is why more and more companies are partnering with BeyondTechIT Consulting to fill their technical staffing needs.

At BeyondTechIT Consulting, we can work in tandem with your HR department to process, screen, and deliver large volumes of qualified candidates, which can result in significant savings in both cost and time. Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with the best candidates for their needs and we ensure this by utilizing best of practice technologies and resources. We maintain a large database of over 50,000 resumes, have access to all the major job portals, and use a variety of other creative and proactive recruiting techniques to find candidates that match your needs, both technically and culturally.

Please contact us today to find out how we can fulfill your technical staffing needs!