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Proven to Increase ROI

Traditional recruiting methods can be expensive and are often unproductive and unpredictable. Whether you employ your own internal recruiters or utilize the services of staffing agencies, most companies, at the expense of large commissions or placement fee’s, do not obtain the results they expect from their recruiting function.

Our RPO Services eliminate the aforementioned inconsistencies by offering a simple, effective, and alternative solution to your recruiting needs. Utilizing offshore recruiters who are efficient and affordable have been proven to dramatically increase return on investment – allowing you to focus your capital resources elsewhere.

Contact us today and realize a number of significant and measurable benefits that include:

Reduced Recruiter Costs

Spend approximately $25,000 (including $100 commissions/placement) for an experienced, dedicated offshore recruiter VS. $50,000 + commissions, payroll costs, medical and dental insurance, administrative costs, and paid vacation (which can add up to more than $65,000) for an onshore recruiter. The decision to utilize offshore recruiters is obvious – Save more than 60% on Recruiter costs by utilizing our RPO services and enjoy numerous other benefits that will help your company’s grow

No Infrastructure Costs

Utilizing offshore recruiters allows you to free up capital that can be better allocated towards higher valued consulting activities. Our state of the art offices are equipped with everything a recruiter would need to perform his/her daily duties – meaning you don’t have to pay a single cent towards providing a comfortable working environment for your recruiters. We provide workstations, computers, static-free phone lines, and a fast DSL connection at no additional cost. We even pay for all telephone costs associated with your recruiters and provide them with a local US telephone number that matches your company location.

Improved Productivity

Recruiters in India are highly technical and have tremendous experience in the US job market (some of our Recruiters even have MBA’s) and will be able to deliver many qualified resumes on a weekly basis. They can be trained to follow your exact recruiting methodology and have the ability to match talented IT professionals with the companies that need them. And because the price of 1 onshore is equivalent to 2-3 offshore recruiters, you can afford to hire more recruiters at the same cost and increase productivity. The Bottom Line: More Recruiters = More Productivity

Reduced Time to Hire

Our specialization in the field of recruiting allows us to process, screen, and deliver dedicated and qualified recruiters that reduces your time to hire – allowing you to focus on the core components of your business.

Increased Flexibility and Control

RPO services allow you to free up human and capital resources that can be better spent on core competencies. Our services provide you with flexibility, control, and visibility over your entire recruiting function by removing your dependence on 3rd party staffing agencies, who are often unreliable, unpredictable, and expensive.